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stiletto collective came to Rita’s Italian Ice highly recommended. As we completed our due diligence for a digital marketing partner, we found Ly Tran and her team well-versed in current digital marketing best practices and consumer acquisition tactics. Ly quickly grasped the challenges and opportunities within Rita’s and recommended a digital strategy that was ideal for us. The digital marketing expertise within the Rita’s franchisee community varies from savvy to nonexistent, and Ly communicated appropriately to all these stakeholders so that they could understand and learn from the information presented. Rita’s Italian ice has seen solid results from stiletto’s hyper-local geotargeted strategy.  Ly is also accessible for questions or strategy changes at a moment’s notice; we never felt like we were flying blind. We have also been impressed with stiletto’s reporting capabilities. Ly and her team compiled meaningful post-campaign metrics that we were able to analyze and improve upon. Overall, stiletto collective has been a strong media partner that has helped the brand efficiently use its media budget to meet aggressive customer acquisition and sales goals.”

- Mark Jenkins,
VP of Marketing, Rita’s Italian Ice,
stiletto collective is not a traditional agency. It's a unique way to engage services, a network of talent curated by Ly to bring experts into your business. Not only do you get Ly’s experience and focus, the Collective is at your fingertips. My first impression of Ly’s business model was how intuitive it seemed, and it’s proven to be just that. Having stiletto collective as a partner is exactly what we needed.”

- J. Michael Joergensen
Chief Marketing Officer, Pearl,
I’d like to recommend Ly and stiletto collective as a fantastic digital media agency partner. We started our partnership with Ly last year (2022), and she helped build and develop our first ever paid media branding and acquisition program. She has been instrumental in helping develop our strategy, refine our target audience and implement a test and learn approach that has allowed us to maximize ROI and gain valuable knowledge and insights about our target audience and their needs/wants. In addition, her expertise and reputation in the media space and with media publications is a huge asset. Given this was a new program for us, we had a lot to learn, and Ly was a great partner in helping us understand best practices and how best to optimize our spend. I fully endorse her and her team!”

- Katie Taleb,
VP of Marketing & Ecommerce, Four Hands Furniture,
Rambler engaged with Ly and her team to audit our current digital presence and provide a robust media plan as we grow nationally. The stiletto collective team was meticulous, giving us a detailed report that showed us where Rambler stands presently, potential opportunities, and tailored recommendations based on our goals and budget. They are a thoughtful group, and they are mindful of the needs of their clients. They're resourceful, they know how to build the right team for your business goals, and they know how to approach media strategy with a people-first mindset. We are really pleased with our stiletto collective partnership and highly recommend them to any business looking to grow their digital presence.”

- Thu Nguyen,
Brand Manager, Rambler Sparkling Water,
& Elaine Petralli,
Executive Director, Rambler Sparkling Water,
As soon as I heard Ly started stiletto collective, I sought her partnership. Her leadership and strategic approach are trusted and top notch. She can pivot from general consumer mass media to niche B2B, from brand media to performance media, super seamlessly and with total care. Her ability to learn an industry so quickly and understand its customers and how to reach them makes her boss of it all. I’d hire her and the collective she’s building time and time again.”

- Hilary Fox,
Senior Brand Lead,
Google Fiber & The Brand Fox Consulting,
Ly Tran and the stiletto collective are one of the most effective teams I have had the pleasure of working with in my career. Ly brings a perfect mix of strategic and creative thinking with efficient, commercial focus. Strategic plans are creative and innovative, while practical, with a clear focus on the most efficient use of media and creative budgets. I cannot recommend Ly and the stiletto collective more highly.”

- Bart Guy,
Head of Marketing, VALD,
Ly has endeavored to harmonize our media-buys with our messages, and she has targeted precisely and effectively. We need to engage specific segments, and we have appreciated how stiletto collective has supported our efforts to do that, especially by deploying non-traditional OOH, digital OOH, and cross-device media.”

- Brian M. Childs,
Chief Growth Officer, Limb Lab,
What has amazed me the most about working with stiletto collective is their genuine love and passion for the projects that they work on. The dedication and attention to detail that they bring to a very unique product that we produce is unrivaled. Developing a great understanding of their client and how to move that product forward has been instrumental in our marketing plan. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the strong commitment from Ly and her staff at stiletto.”

- Gilly Riojas,
General Manager, La Babia Cattle Company,
Texas and Mexico
I met Ly Tran last year on a FaceTime chat with old advertising friends in Texas and was immediately drawn to her. She's just fun and interesting and smart. She owns 350 pairs of shoes and signs her emails, "Hugsy," which cracks me up! She's kind of a big deal in the advertising world and when I heard she was starting her own marketing firm, I wondered if she could help me expedite the time it takes for people to discover my films. Turns out, she can and she did! She has tripled my streaming royalties. She is a joy to collaborate with and as bro marketers say, she can 3X your profits.”

- Courtney Daniels,